Strength and conditioning

For those interested in more sport specific strength and conditioning training, AZAMI Sports offers coaching designed to meet the needs of a variety of athletic disciplines. We offer in depth coaching to refine and develop particular skills required for competitive athletes and those who are more serious about training and fitness. We also offer recuperative training in conjunction with your medical professionals.


Our certified strength and conditioning coach has experience in a number of different sport disciplines. Being an instructor and a coach in a variety of sports and working as a conditioning coach has allowed Urszula to design training programs specifically addressing required skills for your discipline. Additionally, her background in mental training allows for putting the body and mind together to ultimately improve the results.

“I recognise the different needs of each sport discipline and work closely with athletes and coaches to address them. Having competed nationally in alpine skiing and swimming allows me to further understand how unique training should be for particular sports. I believe that it’s never too early or too late for proper conditioning for athletes”.

We conduct sessions for teams and groups as well as for individuals. Periodization principles are used to work around the athletes’ existing training and competition schedules.



“Through the conditioning training Urszula improved our results and lowered the injury rates amongst the swimmers. She coached the whole team together, but also worked on individual skills with each athlete. Her work is greatly appreciated.”

Bart G. Swimming Head Coach


“Urszula has been a very successful member of the team gaining fantastic results based on psychological training, nutritional advice and scientifically produced periodized physical training programs.”

Darren A. Manager David Lloyd Leisure Center


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We are based in Kamloops, but are happy to travel throughout the B.C. interior.