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AZAMI Sports Personal Training

is all about you. We provide individualised training programs to fit every client’s abilities and goals. Whether you want to achieve an overall fitness and improve your health, lose weight, gain muscle mass, prepare for a specific sport or any other reason for training, our Certified Personal Trainer is here to make it happen for you. Urszula has worked as a Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Instructor, and Weight Loss Instructor for a number of years at one of the most popular gyms in London, UK.


“I’ll make sure you perform safe, successful workouts. I am also a Mental Trainer; I’ll help you stay motivated, committed and focused in your training. Together we can overcome all the barriers you might have, boost your confidence and achieve the results you have always dreamed of” Urszula Zawadzka, Azami Sports Personal Trainer. If you have a friend or a group of friends, and would like to train together, that’s great! We strongly believe that having someone to train with is hugely motivating, and makes exercising less intimidating.

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For your convenience, we offer our personal training services at various locations in Kamloops. You can meet us at any YMCA gym, the Tournament Capital Centre gym or Westsyde Community Center, where we have access to the widest range of training equipment. We also offer in-home training programs. If you have some equipment at home, but you’re not sure how to use it, or if you just prefer the privacy of your own home or if you just need someone to motivate you Urszula will train you where it feels most comfortable for you. Additionally we offer outdoor training, which can be very pleasant, especially through summer months.


“After giving birth to my daughter I struggled to get back to my weight from before pregnancy. After a year of trying diets and equipment advertised on TV I decided I needed professional help. Ula helped me get even fitter than I was before pregnancy and kept me motivated the whole time. She made exercising fun by varying the programs and pushing me further every time. Now I feel confident and enjoy the healthy lifestyle.”

Anna G.

“Within the first few minutes of a short induction under the guidance of a well informed and highly motivating instructor called Ula, I was all fired up and raring to go. A few stretches, some cardio-vascular work and a few weight machines- I will be fit within weeks!”

Focus Newspaper