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We are dedicated to bring out the best in everyone. We want to help you achieve your goals, stay motivated and focused. We believe in collaboration of mind, body and soul for an overall well being. Therefore in our services we emphasize all three components. Most importantly we have loads of fun while doing it.


Urszula (Ula) Zawadzka
Sport has been a part of Urszula's life from an early age. Growing up in Europe, she was exposed to a wide variety of sports and competed nationally in alpine skiing, swimming and sailing. Her passion for sport began by having a true multi-sport experience in sailing, tennis, skiing, swimming, mountain biking, and windsurfing, leading to the development of coaching expertise in these sports. As a trainer and coach Urszula evolved her career when she moved to London to attend London Metropolitan University and attained Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology while working at a major club and training athletes. She worked with the top professional athletes in Poland as a mental performance consultant and a conditioning coach. Since her move to Canada, Urszula has been involved with Harper Mountain as an instructor, assistant manager and a head coach for the race program while also successfully operating her own company, AZAMI Sports, for the past five years delivering sport performance and recreational services to Kamloops residents.
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